Shawnee Forest Fish Habitat

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) cooperated with the Shawnee RC & D, Shawnee Forest Service and the Golconda Job Corps to purchase and place fish habitat in 10 Forest Service lakes and 5 Forest Service ponds.  The Department of Natural Resources provided equipment and personnel to place the habitat in the lakes and ponds mentioned above. Personnel also assisted tracking our grant match.  Shawnee RC & D managed the grant funds.

A total of 1800 PVC porcupine fish attractors were purchased and placed as fish habitat. Habitat structures were placed in lakes according to size, estimated angler use and habitat need.  Cedar and Kinkaid lakes received the most with 565 at Cedar and 450 at Kinkaid. The remaining porcupines were distributed as follows:  Dutchman lake – 95, Little Cache – 25, Lake Glendale – 125, One Horse Gap lake – 90, Tecumseh lake – 50, Pounds Hollow lake – 150, Sugar Creek lake – 100, Bay Creek lake – 125, and 5 each in 5 Centennial ponds.

In addition to the PVC porcupine habitat structures, Cedar trees were placed as natural habitat. Approximately 1000 Cedar trees were taken from unwanted areas on the Shawnee Forest in Pope County and transported to area lakes.  Due to transportation issues, Kinkaid and Cedar Lakes did not receive Cedar tree natural habitat. The remaining lakes received approximately 125 trees each.

All of the habitat placed has been recorded with GPS locations and is available from the Shawnee Forest Service and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  Maps and GPS coordinates are also available on the Shawnee RC & D web site.  This project provided much needed habitat and will provide additional angling opportunities for years to come.


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