A number of new laws recently went into affect in Illinois, with the turning of the year.  The Exotic Weed Act (SB 681/PA 99-0081) adds more than 17 plant types to Illinois Exotic Weed Act, which includes bush honeysuckle, autumn olive, salt cedar, poison hemlock, giant hogweed, oriental bittersweet, teasel and knotweed.

This new legislation is due, in part, to the work performed by Christopher Evans, to implement the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan, on behalf of the Shawnee RC&D.  Chris, along with our partners at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, has worked with area conservationists, educators and legislators to help protect the entire Illinois environment by reducing the spread of these harmful and invasive species and improving knowledge and understanding of the problem.

For a full copy of the Exotic Weed Act, please click here.

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The Illinois Invasive Plant Council will be meeting August 29th, from 10am-12pm at the IGIA Building in Springfield.  This organization is an integral component in Illinois' fight agaisnt invasive species.  For more information about this group and their work, please see their website at

Earlier this month, Shawnee RC&D was chosen as the recipient of the "Professional Organization" award for Illinois Invasive Species Awareness Month (ISAM) annual awards.  Shawnee RC&D was recognized for outstanding work in the field of invasive species management, in Illinois.  The honor will be presented at a ceremony on May 29th, at the Springfield offices of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

ISAM, and the annual awards, is a project sprung from the amazing work performed by the Southern Illinois' very own River to River Cooperative Weed Management Area (RTRCWMA).  This project helps to raise awareness, throughout the state, of the impact of invasive and non-native species in Illinois, and helps to inform and educate landowners and residents on what they can do to help with the epidemic of invasive species.

Shawnee RC&D is very pleased to have been chosen as this years' Professional Organization of the Year, and looks forward to continuing its partnership with IDNR and RTRCWMA in the future!


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